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Refurbishments / Respraying from £60.00 each or £200.00 for set of four. This is if just the alloys are dropped off with out tyres for no repair just a colour change. Repairs will be more and if the alloys are corroded (bubbling) could be considerably more.


*** 12 month paint guarantee with every refurbishment ***


Welding from £35.00


Straightening from £40.00


- £60.00 extra for someone to come and remove all the wheels from the car and leave on axel stands then put back on after the refurbishment. (Norwich only) 


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Call or Text Steven - 07828 561 716


* Paint guarantee - This guarantees that the alloy has been properly prepped and the paint properly applied so that the paint wont peel or flake. This does not guarantee against curbing, stone chips or corrosion wich is mainly caused by the maintenance of the wheels or lack of and the chemicals / salt on the roads*