Frequently Asked Questions:


Q- How long will it take to refurbishment / respray one wheel?

A- Normaly if you bring it in in the morning you can pick it up either the same afternoon or the next morning depending on avalibility.


Q- How long will it take to refurbishment / respray four wheels?

A- Between 1-2 days depending on avalibility and if you drop off the wheels seperatly or drop off the car and how much work the wheels need.


Q- Can I leave my car with you whilst the work is being done?

A- Yes you can, also if you prefered and you live in Norwich for an additional £60 I can come to yours, take off the wheels and leave your car securely on axel stands and refit them afterwards.


Q- Do you do a machine finish / Diamond cut?

A- Sorry i haven't yet got the facility’s to do that.


Q- I need my car every day is there any way of having my alloys done and not having to be without my car for any time?

A- Yes, The alternative is to put on your spare and get the wheels done one at a time.


Q- Your prices say "From £190 for a set of four", but what is the adverage price for a set of four with curbing dammage if the car is dropped off?

A- The adverage price for that is £240.